This place is one of my all time favourites.. indeed I’ve been going here on an almost weekly basis since I was first introduced three ago..

A Thai restaurant integrated to the award winning Churchill Arms pub on Kensington Church Street (half way between HSK and Notting Hill Gate). The restaurant area at the back of the pub is a pleasant and less crowded environment than the pub with around 15 marble tables surrounded by framed butterflies, hanging baskets from the ceiling and a few water features giving it a nice garden feel. They serve a wide range of Thai dishes that despite their recent 50p price increase and incredibly well priced at £6.50 per main (incl rice/noodles). The food is tasty, simple, fresh and the portions are very generous. The consistency good and I should know, I almost always get one of two dishes – Pad Khing or Khao Pad with chicken. They also offer dishes with beef, pork, prawns and tofu and are vegetarian friendly.  The delivery is snappy, even at peak times, and they offer take-away although I find this takes the edge off their otherwise fresh food. The staff are efficient and friendly and don’t have the pretence of a “posh” restaurant.

As you can probably imagine, this place is incredibly popular, especially in these credit crunching times. Consequently it’s nearly impossible to get an evening booking on the same day unless you’re prepared to wait around or want to chance getting a table in the pub area. Sitting times at peak periods are limited to one hour as they’ll almost always tell you on your way in but to be honest this is the perfect place to go before for a quick meal before heading on to the pub. If you can make it outside of peak times (before 6:30 or early lunch) you should be able to walk in and get a table straight away..

So in summary, if you like Thai cuisine and you want something straight forward, tasty and great value for money you’ll find it hard to do any better than the Churchill Arms, just make sure you book in advance!

The Churchill Arms
119 Kensington Church St
London W8 7LN
Tel: 0207 7274242
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