Chelsea Farmer’s Market is a little gem tucked away on the King’s Road end of Sydney Street SW3. Packed with several restaurants and shops in an outdoor complex it’s the perfect place to hang out on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

El Gaucho is one of the 3 restaurants in the complex and claims to be the first Argentine steak house in London since 1990. With a number of benches outside and a small number of tables inside the quaint wooden building that houses the kitchen, it is a cosy dining experience.

The slightly cheesy Argentinian music adds to the atmosphere and the bar is well stocked to keep the drinks flowing well in to the evening.

So on to the food. At the moment I’m afraid I’m rather unqualified to comment, having only tried their lunchtime burger. Steak is undoubtedly what this place is about and for that they have a good selection of cuts. Prices start around 20 GBP. The burgers start at 10 GBP and for the price are average. The patty is good quality and nicely seasoned but it’s a bit light on the salad (actually the standard burger only comes with pickle) and the fries are those standard frozen in a bag style ones commonly seen in pub food.

Definitely worth a look, if not make sure you check out the rest of the Farmer’s Market – there’s a Pet Pavilion, a Nail salon, a Pizzeria and Gelato parlour along with an organic food shop.