Bluebird (and in particular the bar) on King’s Road is one of my new favourites.

Housed in a fabulous complex that was once a prestigious car garage, it comprises of a courtyard, cafe, clothes shop on the ground floor and the restaurant and bar upstairs. I’ve been there several times for food but only recently discovered how great the bar is!

The food is good but not amazing, and the prices are high as one would expect. You pay a lot for the atmosphere in the place, and I’ll be honest – it’s pretty good! With high ceilings, well spaced out tables and plush decor, it’s the ideal place for a date.

The bar, along with tables takes up almost as much space as the restaurant. With it’s relaxed and upmarket feel, it really is a great place to hang out. The soft background music also means its a very easy place to have a conversation and meet fellow customers. The cocktails are excellent as is the service. Expect to pay £10 for a Mojito (one of the best I’ve had in Chelsea!). The clientele are a mix of the young and beautiful and older monied types. I’ve even seen Hugh Grant here a couple of times. They serve right up until 1am and with their relaxed door policy (walk straight in) it’s probably my favourite place for pre-drinks before heading to a club.

Very highly recommended!