Tuatara was launched several months ago as the reincarnation of Mamilanji. Under it’s previous guise, Mamilanji enjoyed a fairly successful start and for the good part of a year, it was the place to go on Kings Road, especially with it’s relaxed upstairs bar with live music. As time went by, the music disappeared, the upstairs became “exclusive” for members and the prices got a little greedy. The crowd it pulled turned from the young trendies to arrogant city types and the club soon fell out of favour.

Tuatara is much the same in terms of its layout. The downstairs houses a relatively large dance floor surrounded by paying tables and the DJ booth. The white theme has gone, and the walls and bar are now in black. The music is decent and the door staff seem friendly enough. The prices remain relatively high (£28 for the cheapest plonk) and the bar staff had a cheeky habit of not returning change. The upstairs bar was closed when I visited.

I get the feeling that the club hasn’t managed to shake it’s old reputation and as a consequence struggles to fill the floors. Despite that, it can still provide a good night out if you’re out of options.